Experts in the same time zone

Discover the solution to the shortage of programmers in the Netherlands for software, transport, and fintech companies.

Increase the development capacity of your team

It is no secret that the demand for experienced software programmers in the Netherlands has significantly increased in recent years. Many companies struggle to find qualified programmers who can meet the growing technological needs of their organizations. 

That is why we offer outstaffing opportunities in Kenya, allowing you to expand your team's capacity with experienced software programmers. Kenya has a growing pool of talented programmers known for their dedication and quality of work.

An important advantage is that Orange Nile's headquarters is located in the Netherlands. Our clients enter into agreements with the Dutch organization. You will work with experienced Dutch entrepreneurs who can quickly understand and outline the exact customer requirements for both clients and developers. We always establish five clear agreements from the Dutch organization with our European clients.

Furthermore, there are, of course, advantages to outsourcing software development to developers in Kenya:

  • Kenya is in the same time zone as Europe, with just a one-hour difference from the Netherlands. 
  • A competitive hourly rate.
  • Highly skilled colleagues proficient in English with a reliable internet connection.
  • A Kenyan company with Kenyan owners/entrepreneurs who invest in economic development and education in Kenya.
  • Trained in the Dutch way of working and remote work.