Transport & Logistics

Within our company, there is a strong focus on the transport and logistics sector, with our specific expertise lying in road transport. We have gained extensive experience in developing advanced software solutions for various aspects within this sector, both in the Netherlands and in Kenya. Some examples include:

  • One of the key functionalities we offer is data integration, based on, for example, location tracking. This allows transport companies and logistics service providers to track the real-time location of their vehicles. 
  • Implementation of geofencing, where specific virtual boundaries are defined. When a vehicle enters or exits a geofence, the relevant parties automatically receive notifications. 
  • Our software also enables users to set alert settings. This means they can receive customized notifications based on specific events or parameters, such as a change in the driving route, unexpected stops, or reaching a certain mileage. 
  • Additionally, we have extensive experience in integrating various devices and systems within the transport and logistics sector. Whether it's linking vehicles with tracking devices or integrating temperature sensors in refrigerated transports, we can establish seamless connections. 
  • Another important aspect in which we have built expertise is generating automated reports. Our software can generate accurate and detailed reports based on the collected data, such as distances traveled, fuel consumption, driving times, delivery information, and more. 
  • In addition to the mentioned functionalities, we also have experience with vehicle immobilization software, which allows companies to remotely block or restrict access to vehicles in case of theft or unauthorized use. We also provide solutions for driver safety monitoring.